Thursday, February 3, 2011

My View of OpenSource and LDM

I had somewhat good day on 3rd of feb.Yesterday I had a very nice talk with robinanil.Knowing that he works in a money making organisation , I asked him about the importance of OpenSource for his company and he replied like I had just asked some stupid question to him.He said "what OpenSource means for our organisation !!! " and for a moment he was silent.Then suddenly he said OpenSource means a lot to our organization.Although it's not a part of our regular job but I , my friend and  almost  each of us is working in some OpenSource project.It was nice to know that even if those people have a very nice job in a billion dollar organization they are working for OpenSource.
OpenSource is not just learning , trying new idea.It's about human knowledge that belongs to the world.Working in OpenSource doesn't only mean that one should work in some bigger OpenSource project .Whatever knowledge you have that you think may be beneficial to the world, share it to the world.Let the world know , how you've done it.Let other people add their idea in it ,re-share it and enjoy the freedom.
Now is the time to talk something about LDM.Although , I'm not sure but I'm very optimistic this time that I'll be able to out with it's first small working module by 14th feb.Last night when I modified it's older implementation with a new method , I received an extraordinary response.After replacing the entire threads with individual processes , it grew exponentially in speed.Just at 4 partition of download , speed exponentially increased to 500KBPS. I'm trying to increase the number of partitioned downloads and some works in GUI field is still left.14th feb release might not be a complete working LDM but yeah it'll be a small working module and if everything goes all right soon , we all will be enjoying a fully functional LDM in Linux.We have just moved out LDM code group from google codegroup to facebook group and registered our project repository to github from where you all can have the code and enjoy the freedom.Wish everyone will enjoy it.Soon , I'll let you know more about it and I'll also forward the important links through my blog.Have a nice day.

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