Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today Starting work on Linux Download Manager

Today is holiday and I don't wanna screw anything.I had plans to start study DSY,RPC,Algorithms and blah-blah , but in the morning things changed.A new work took over my thoughts.Last time when I started work on it , it took 8 hectic hours of mine but what I get in return happiness and satisfaction.It's fun making change.
Right now , I'm supposed to be on republic day celebration but instead I'm sitting in my room with the door locked from outside working on this new module.People think that if we celebrate repulic day and listen to the stupid speech we'll show more patrotism than others.It's not a topic in which one can win a debate.
However ,with this increasing development I'm quite sure that I'll be able to come out with first working module of LDM till 14th feb.It's an OpenSource project named Linux Download Manager based on IDM.Currently , I'm running a simple piece of code written in python with a little low-level work in 'C' with which I'm now able to download any youtube link and fetch data from any of the http servers that provides download facility.Speed haven't analyzed yet , but yeah it downloads faster than youtube can buffer.By the way , I needed something to relax out of this hectic work.Thanks to the google for it's blogging facility for free.I'ld like to blog about all the future updates about LDM and any development , so that I won't be required to mail anyone.Moreover this blog is about me that has started with this republic and my work on LDM.
In my own way , I love you my nation for whatever it is.

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  1. Nice work locking the door from outside and having fun :)
    And no ... it doesn't show an iota of patriotism.

  2. When i am setting proxy,this error is coming

    sachin@sachin:~$ ldm
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/Anand/Development/LDM/LDM/NetworkProxy.py", line 129, in Finalize
    File "/home/Anand/Development/LDM/LDM/UIXML.py", line 97, in setProxyInformation
    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/sachin/LDM/a9c97fa678f4a067bccf15a8befb27358d72de8b7b202693ed1d174c/Uinfo'

  3. @Arihant , Try n create a "home/sachin/LDM/a9c97fa678f4a067bccf15a8befb27358d72de8b7b202693ed1d174c" folder and create a Uinfo file inside it and then run your code it'll work.