Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Completion of Prototype-1 of '&LDM'

It was quite a busy time in last 7 days.Each time I made an update in the code , I have seen a new problem.This made me feel that even if each individual module is working flawlessly , it is not necessary that when integrated they will work flawlessly.Apart from this one major problem that couldn't let the code complete was the portion of code that runs individual downloads and their communication , even if I make them communicate through IPC or shared variables and locks etc their was still a time lag in communication that has created multiple critical regions in the programme. 
Their is nothing like pre-build weapon in any programming language that can save you from getting your hand dirty while working with parallel processes.Their is very famous quote "A distributed process is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable."-lamport,leslie and when you love something you try your best to make it flawless.I tried the same.Till date prototype-1 is complete ( You can see the demo at ) and major part of work is still ahead.This prototype is just a feel of '&LDM' but had solved a major problem of work.Hope everyone will like it.It is just impossible to understand and modify the source code of '&LDM' without proper documentation , which is being done right now.As soon as documentation complete I'll share it through my blog.You can either subscribe to this blog or '&LDM' mailing list to be up-to-date to the development and get all the latest version of '&LDM'.

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