Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Release of Prototype-I

It has been quite a long time till I've visited my blog. It seems like documenting took more time that building code. But this is not true in this case. Finally the day has come when the concept below &LDM is floating free in the e-space. Anyone from anywhere can download & enjoy the strength of it. Although it is not complete yet powerful enough to blow your mind. Their are Lot of think to do , a lot of work & in this small life one can't get all of the knowledge around him. Thank god I realized it on time. I started documentation work 2 days ago & it took almost 3 hrs of daily to complete the entire documentation. Now the good news is that I'm done with a very bad documentation of the code but still basic functionality will be quite clear to understand.Now you can get source code of it from here and if you are only interested in using this application you can get it from here . All the necessary information is available with the package.
With this post I'ld like to point out some of the things that are not yet implemented and future modification will have those features :-
  • Site grabber
  • FTP & RTMP support
  • A browser plugin for LDM
  • Reconfiguration of dLoadInformation module(Process XML file for download information)
  • Queuing & time scheduling of downloads
  • A robust download routine 
I had tried very well to clarify the installation process through README.txt & INSTALL.txt available through install package. Still , I'm in doubt that someone can get confused. Visit this link in case anyone get stuck to the installation :-
Installation Instruction
This is 1.0 release of &LDM with all it's good features.With upgrades in future it'll be a fully functional application for your linux desktop.As code is freely available to everyone this gives everyone the equal opportunity to try their hand on it.Everyone can contribute & make it a full-fledge app.Now you can start using &LDM & in case of any query either you can directly mail to me or ask me through this blog. I hope to get all the genuine questions & I'll try my best to solve them.

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