Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make your life easier, social coding

When was the last time when you has written a code that has given you more than grades and points? What do you do after you are done with that code? Do you see the potential of that code? I was unable to answer these question till I decided to put all of my codes even the simpler one that has made my life easier at a social coding site github.
Morning 10:15 AM , I received a call for my interview with Raghuveer. It started with my intro and then went on to my liking and my life at college.
Raghu : Hi
me : Hi , sir.
Raghu : How are u ?
me : I am fine sir.
Raghu : Hey !! you can call me just Raghu.
me : Okay !! Raghu.
Raghu : I was looking at your code. You have written it very cleanly.It is easy to understand and well written. But you forgot to optimize it.
"He was talking about a code for web crawler that I was asked to write and I didn't check if there is a link to a page in some other page that I have already visited.What to do in that case"
me : I was told to submit it in 4 hour and I was not asked to make any optimization ,therefore I preferred to avoid it and my main focus was to complete the crawler and I didn't try to optimize it at that point of time. However I could have used set to manage links , so that I don't visit a link again.
Raghu : Well , what do you do in your spare time.
me : I try to implement ideas that I have in my mind with the knowledge that I have.
Raghu : Can you give me an example ? <--He gave one of his own example.-->
<-- I gave examples of fixing an srt file by writing a C code and few of my projects such as LDM. -->
Raghu : Whenever you write some code that has made your life easier and you think that other can also be benefited by it, you should try to share. It gets easy for interviewer to see your work if u had shared it with all.
<-- After that we had a small discussion about my project on hand gesture recognition and we were done in next 20-30 minutes -->
On the same day, I searched my laptop to collect small projects and codes that I have done either out of my interest or to make my life easier and pushed them all on my github profile.
Some of them are :-
Coding is always fun ,make your life easier by coding for yourself and social coding

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